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At what age do adolescents (teens) start to get acne?

Basically, girls will start to get acne at the age of 11 to 13 when their hormones start to kick in, which is about the time that they start their period. Boys start to get acne at the age of approximately 12 years, with a range of 9 to 15 years old.

Early on in the onset of the teen acne, the main lesions are blackheads and whiteheads but when they reached puberty, it will easily become inflammatory lesions. It is noted that early lesions usually occur around the center of our face and on the forehead.

Fortunately, the advanced of medical knowledge has produced many effective acne care and acne clear treatments that can be applied to help control the acne and prevent acne scarring and others from happening. Result shown that a combination of oral and topical treatments usually work very well in these young adults.

Since acne can be a very serious disfiguring condition that teens may or may not outgrow it, hence, acne treatment and acne control for teenagers must be simple, efficient and ideally can travel well in order to encourage their compliance. Results must also come in relatively quickly for this age group, more than any other, because their self-esteem often rides on the latest zit that has come or gone. Because teenagers are minors, they deserve special attention and counseling in order to maximize the benefits of acne treatment. In fact, it is very important for parents and dermatologists to have a good dialogue to promote better understanding and for parents to treat acne in teens very seriously.

Believe you will agree with me that social stigma of acne and the risk of permanent acne scarring are the two biggest compelling reason why the acne condition in teens must not be ignored. In fact, survey conducted among teens showed that one pimple can make the difference between popularity and outcast in the mind of many teens.

Fortunately, easy to use yet effective acne care and acne clear treatment are readily available to help.

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