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Why are there so many different acne treatments?

The answer is simply because no one acne treatment is perfect, and that there are many underlying internal and external factors since each of us is different. Therefore, the need for several different acne care and acne clear approaches to prevent pimples and for better acne control.

Usually, medications are combined and delivered in a variety of ways to make them more effective. From the marketing point of view, acne products are made appealing to increase the likelihood of us using them on a regular basis.

Whatever it is, since our skin can adapt to any particular treatment, as can the bacteria that is responsible for certain types of acne, effective acne treatment will usually mean that we often have to rotate our acne treatments from the acne clear and acne care point of view.

Until now, topical acne treatments are still the mainstay for acne treatment. We can either use them alone or in combination with oral acne medications to treat and to control the acne breakouts.

However, many of these treatments have different modes of action; they are often used together in various combinations for maximal benefit in the treatment of acne. In fact, combination of acne treatment is now the standard of acne therapy. That is also the reason, the newest drugs to the market are focusing highly on prepackaged combinations modes to help increase our compliance and simplify our acne treatment regimens.

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