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Can greasy food or any food cause or make acne worse?

As with chocolate, studies have not been able to show any association between acne flares and greasy foods. However, it does seem that all of the foods implicated in causing acne are tasty, e.g. chocolate, nuts, soda, candy, fried foods and orange juice.

The reality is that there is no scientific evidence available to show that high-carbohydrate and/or fat intake has any effect on human sebum production or acne. True to be believed, there are so many factors that can actually cause acne to get worse. In short, it is very difficult to isolate a single factor and prove that it does or does not affect this condition.

Nevertheless, many do believe that certain situations or stressors that make those foods more tempting or harder to resist at any given time may be the ultimate culprit for acne flares. As such, if we feel that a certain food makes our acne worse, the best we could do is to avoid that food.

Anyhow, we certainly will not become malnourished from giving up those high-fat, high-carbohydrate junk food or most of the foods that people most commonly complain of as being a cause of acne flares, right?

However, one ingredient that will definitely make our acne worse, if eaten in large enough quantities, is iodine. Therefore watch out for eating large volume of foods like seaweed and other seafood which are high in iodine.

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