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Can my sunscreen make me break out?

This is another myth that most people think sunscreens can cause acne. Studies showed that those who have break out after using sunscreens are because of having irritant reaction to the sunscreen or to the sun. These types of rashes can have the red bumps that look just like acne but don't typically improve with acne medications. It is recommended to avoid the irritant, whether it is due to the sun or the products with which we have reacted.

Sometimes, the break out could be due to how the sunscreen was prepared, i.e. either too greasy or occlusive and not the active ingredient of the sunscreen itself. If that is the case, a different choice of sunscreen preparation should be used, hence, if we are using a cream, switch to a lotion and if we are using a lotion, try a gel. The good news is that sunscreens are also available in oil-free preparation for those with especially oily or acne-prone skin.

For younger with oilier skin, it is recommended to use a sunscreen in a gel formulation as the gel will dry more quickly and will not run into the eyes, this is especially useful for those who are more physically active and sweating more.

In fact, there are many wonderful SPF-tinted moisturizers that can help us to conceal the acne while protecting us from the sun. It is noted that many new combination of preparations of sunscreen and acne treatment products are available in the market, in short, there are always something for everyone.

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