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Does oral isotretinoin cure acne?

We need to know that acne is considered as a chronic condition of the skin and is influenced by both genetic and external factors; hence neither oral nor topical acne medications can cure our acne condition. However, the advanced in acne medications does have a profound effect to help us control and treat the acne.

Studies have shown that at least one third of people who have taken oral isotretinoin have a relapse of their acne within the first three years after this oral acne treatment. However, because our sebum and P. acnes levels can increase once the oral isotretinoin treatment is completed, acne can recur in some people after an otherwise very effective treatment course. In cases like this, oral antibiotics or a second treatment course with isotretinoin can be attempted after a 2-month rest period. Rarely, a third course is necessary.

From the acne clear and acne care perspective, should a recurrence of the acne soon after a treatment course is completed, further evaluation is needed to determine whether hormonal influences are a factor, which would then mean that other acne options should be considered either instead of or in addition to oral isotretinoin treatment.

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