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How many courses of oral isotretinoin can I take?

To minimize the risk of adverse long-term reactions that oral isotretinoin can have on our bones and other organ systems, we should follow the maximal lifetime dose of oral isotretinoin that is considered safe and appropriate.

In general, most people on a typical course of oral isotretinoin of 0.8 mg/kg for a 16 to 20 weeks’ course could do three treatment courses over their lifetime if necessary. However, the 0.8 mg/kg is considered as an average acne treatment dose, hence dose may be increased in order to get the desired acne treatment results.

Studies show that low-dose oral isotretinoin can still be very effective in some people. This not only minimizes the side effects but also allows us to use it intermittently, over time, as needed and with proper monitoring without concern of reaching the maximal dosage.

Good news is that many of the side effects caused by taking oral isotretinoin are dose related, what that means is that we may work along and within the dose limit given to achieve the desired acne treatment results, and to avoid and minimize those harmful side effects.

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