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What if I get only a few pimples each month, do I need to treat them?

I would say that it is more a personal decision as some of us are more bothered by our acne than others. If we are devastated by one lesion (i.e. a mark in the skin), then by all means, go and treat it. However, if we get one new lesion per month and each lesion leaves behind a scar, which in total make 12 new scars each year, if that is the case, it would be wise to treat the acne, i.e. new acne and to get the existing ones to clear as quickly as possible in order to minimize the chance of permanent acne scarring.

Basically, acne can be divided into three categories:

Mild - nonscarring, fewer than 10 lesions;
Moderate - may scar, more than 10 lesions; and
Severe - cystic, nodulocystic, scarring.

It is also very important to remember to avoid picking or squeezing at acne lesions. We may not aware that picking or squeezing at acne lesions or scars leads to even a longer duration of lesions and a higher chance of permanent scarring, not to mention the increased pain at the site.

What follows are four factors to consider from the point of acne clear and acne care in deciding when to treat and how to treat acne:
  1. How long has the acne been a problem? Is it a recent occurrence that we can relate to specific events, such as a specific medication we took, or a new product that we are using?

  2. What is the severity of the lesions present? How long do the pimples last, and are they very itchy or painful?

  3. How have we responded to acne treatment in the past?

  4. What is the tendency for scarring and hyperpigmentation (i.e. darkening of skin caused by higher amounts of melanin in a particular spot)? Do they leave behind red or brown marks or scars?

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