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What other oral acne therapies are available?

Low-dose doxycycline

This form of acne treatment has gained its momentum due to it does not seem to have the same adverse side effects (i.e. side effects were minimal to none) or bacterial resistance.

Unlike at a higher dose being taken, low-dose doxycycline works not by killing off the P.acnes bacteria but by affecting the ability of the bacteria to cause problems in our skin, i.e. inactivate the P.acnes bacteria. In the studies done so far, at the end of 6 months, when the low-dose oral antibiotics was used alone, without any other adjunctive treatment, there was a 50% reduction in inflammatory lesions and a 53% reduction in comedones even though there was no decrease in the number of P acnes in the skin.

Acne clearance may improve more quickly if combined with topical BP or retinoids. Despite the plus side of using low-dose doxycycline, six months duration may seem a long time to wait for some people, although acne treatment results can usually be seen after three weeks of consumption.

Oral zinc

It has been shown to be effective against non-inflammatory lesions but does not affect comedones. It may safely be used in the summer because there is no issue of phototoxicity. This oral acne therapies is normally prescribed in a dose of 200 mg/day without food. Side effects at this dose may include upset of stomach and nausea. In fact, zinc may be considered as an alternative to tetracyclines oral acne antibiotic. It is good to know that people who do not show signs of zinc deficiency in their blood or skin can still take it.


A vitamin supplement that is now available in prescription form to help treat inflammatory acne. Nicomide has had some success when used along with other oral and/or topical acne medications in the treatment of acne.

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