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Is cryotherapy right for me? Is it good to treat acne?

Basically, cryotherapy involves the use of liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide slush to treat our acne. These procedures are useful, but the drawback is that they require special storage containers and are becoming less popular and uncommon as newer acne treatments procedures are being available. Despite this, people do love the way their skin looks after the treatments, though there is a risk of scarring.

Cryotherapy works by exfoliating the localized areas of our skin where the pimples are concentrated. It is noted that liquid nitrogen is very cold, i.e. 195° F, which means that it needs to be stored in a special container as it can evaporate at room temperature. In general, both the liquid nitrogen and CO2 slush are applied by the doctor to specific pimples. The after treatment result is that the site can easily turn red and become a little swollen, which lasts anywhere from half an hour to a day. What followed is that we will find our pimple dries up and exfoliates off with washing over the next few days or so. Sometimes a very light layer of the cryogen can be applied to our entire face for a general peel. What was noted is that our skin will usually turns red, follows by peeling over the next week. However, the peeling process is not an obvious peeling of our skin, but the skin does look smoother and feel softer to the touch.

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