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What is dermabrasion? Is it ideal for acne scars?

It is a process whereby the upper and middle layers of our skin are removed in order to improve our acne scarring condition. However, dermabrasion is ideal for people with the following skin types who have superficial acne scars:

Unexposed Skin Color Tanning History

Ivory white, pale white



Beige or lightly tanned

- Burns easily, never tans

- Burns easily, tans minimally

- Burns moderately, tans evenly

- Burns minimally, tans easily

We have to take into account the healing time involved, and that local anesthetic is a must because dermabrasion is indeed a very painful experience.

If we have very deep, pitted acne scars then dermabrasion is not an ideal solution as the scars would end up deep and wide and would most likely be more obvious than before. In this case, the best acne skin care treatment for this type of acne scars is either we try to fill them with some temporary fillers, such as collagen (i.e. the main protein in connective tissue that is responsible for the elasticity of our skin and plays an important role in the development of scars) or Restylane, or with one of the more permanent fillers available on the market like Artecoll. Alternatively is to use a method called punch grafting, a technique that use a cookie-cutter type of blade to punch out the scar, and then followed by adding skin taken from another site to fill in the hole, and thereafter with dermabrasion to smooth the edges.

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