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How long should a typical pimple last?

We may notice that some people will have their pimples last for months, for example comedones can last for weeks or months or longer if not treated. Generally inflammatory lesions will usually clear within days to weeks. However, marks of red and eventually brown can be left behind that remain for months.

Do note that acne can recur in the same spot, which makes us think the acne lasting for months. In this respect, cysts tend to be recurrent in the same spot and will increase and decrease in size over time.

The best acne clear and acne care way for an acne sufferer is to firstly try to prevent the pimple from forming. If it does come up, what we could do for getting an acne lesion to clear more quickly and not to have acne scarring is to avoid picking at it.

At the same time, we should treat it early on with an appropriate acne antibacterial or anti-inflammatory medication. It is advisable to minimize putting anything on it or doing anything that can excessively irritate the pimples.

Also for acne control purpose, it is good to find out what are the acne causes that we think might be behind the breakout. We could ask ourselves:
  • Was it because of or around an exam or a particularly stressful project?
  • Did we use any new creams or lotions lately?
  • Did we start or stop any medications or oral contraceptives? and
  • What other factors that could have possibly contributed to the breakout?
In the event that the lesion does not seem to go away, it is time to consult a dermatologist to make sure it is simply a pimple that is slow to heal and not something else that should be addressed differently.

Also the trauma and irritation caused from the picking or squeezing may give us an immediate feeling of satisfaction that we have cleared the acne contents. In actual fact, it will make the affected area become redder and more prone to having a brown mark, worst still a depressed acne scarring left behind.

In short, picking or squeezing will not help from the point of view of acne clear and acne care, i.e. to stop the pimple from coming back in the same place next time.

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