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Can I use topical antibiotics or BP while I am pregnant?

It is noted that some of these agents are acceptable for use in preg­nancy. Nevertheless, we should not take or use any medications during pregnancy that we don't absolutely have to. It is important to consult with our obstetri­cian regarding all medications that we are using, including both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

We need to be aware that different drugs are rated and categorized into different pregnancy categories. The most important preg­nancy category to be aware of is category X, which means that the medication is absolutely contraindi­cated in pregnancy. Oral isotretinoin, which is sold under the trade name of Accutane and its generic version known as Sotret or Amnesty, is one medication that falls in to this category. Tetracycline is rated pregnancy category D, which means that it is known to be unsafe for use in pregnancy too. Erythromycin which is in Category B, is to be considered safe in pregnancy.

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